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Wickman Historical Consultants has worked with many varying agencies and organizations.  We have provided services for all forms of government (federal, state, county, and city), as well as private individuals, and non-profits.  Below is a sampling of services that we offer and each project is custom designed around the organizations individual needs.  Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

Increase Visitation


Whether you are trying to reach more locals or out of town visitors, Wickman Historical Consultants has tremendous experience attracting both.  Let us help you plan exhibits and programs to attract the demographics and guests you are looking for.

Gift Shop Merchandising


At a past museum, Wickman was able to increase gift shop sales 400%.  Her tried and true methods of stocking the correct inventory, setting realistic prices, and merchandising the space, can help your museum create a stronger return in your shop.



Whether you require research for a new book, documentary, or museum exhibit, we can help.  WHC has performed research all over the country at various repositories, including the National Archives.



Having trouble creating a website?  Or, maybe you need some ideas to grow your email list?  We can help with both of these and more.  Whether you need printed materials, brochures, postcards, or professionally generated ads--we can do it!

Exhibit Design


Planning an exhibit is a major endeavor, and designing the exhibit cases themselves is critical.  It is important that both children and adults alike can relate to your exhibits and learn from them.  We can help you design affordable exhibits that will connect with your audience--both young and old.

Major Events


WHC can help you plan major living history events and re-enactments.  We have worked on events that have brought nearly 8,000 people over two days.  Whatever you may be dreaming of, we can help make it happen.