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From Palm Springs to Casper, Wyoming

Wickman Historical Consultants conducts historic research for books, museums and all forms of media including movies and television. It also is developing educational materials for schools. Johanna Wickman, President of Wickman Historical Consultants has spent the past nine years managing and working in museums.  While a museum director in the Palm Springs area, she increased museum  attendance from 300 visitors per month (February 2010) to over 2,900 guests in February 2011 with the opening of a dinosaur exhibit  designed by Ms. Wickman and built by her and the museum staff!


She used her military history expertise to research and design exhibits focusing on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War and organized the first Civil War re-enactment in the Coachella Valley. The event took place over two days in November of 2011 and  attracted over 3,000 visitors!


She was a founding board member of the Desert Cities Museum Association, the Coachella Valley Emergency Preparedness Network for museums, and a featured panelist at the 2011 California Association of Museums conference.  She also presented at the 2013 Colorado Wyoming Association of Museums conference.

From 2012 through 2017 she was contracted with the State of Wyoming's Military Department to provide services for the Wyoming Veterans Museum in Casper, Wyoming.  In 2017 Wickman Historical Consultants was a sub-contractor on a National Parks Service project researching the fortifications of Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Pennsylvania.


She holds degrees in German, Museum & Gallery Studies, and Humanities & Fine Arts, and completed  her Master's degree in History in 2014.  She published her master's thesis, Lost Forts of Casper in 2016 through The History Press. She is currently the vice president of the Fort Caspar Museum Association.